Dose By Growth Custom Pediatric Emergency Tapes

Your Medication. Your Concentration. Your Exact Dose.

With the Dose By Growth Pediatric Length-Based Tape, you can complete our simple Dose By Growth order template to customize the specific drugs and volumes based off what your agency or department carries.

  • 100% Content control allows you to include the exact dosing protocols, eliminating the need for conversion or two-step tools.
  • Easily integrated into your existing system, with no formal training required.

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Features Dose By Growth Custom Broselow TapeTM
Industry Standard Weight Color Zones
CDC NHANES Data Set 2014 2007
Printed Sides Two Two
Visual Aids & Assessment Tools
Vital Sign Parameters

Packaging Options As Custom As Your Protocols

  • Flat-spooled version fits compact in a uniform chest pocket
  • Rolled version fits compactly in any sized tool box