DBG Mini


#1 method for pediatric weight estimation during emergencies.


Product Description

  • Improved Accuracy – Incorporates 2014 CDC NHANES data sets vs. others still using 2007. No folds or creases that skew measurements.
  • Quicker Weights – Retractable design & smooth operation means no more unfolding large Length-Based Tapes. Quickly accessible with compact design that fits easily into pocket.
  • Completely Compatible – Industry standard weight-color zones to use with your existing dosing aides
  • Reduces Errors – Eliminates “wrong-end” measurements that account for nearly 5% of dosing errors
  • Safer Dosing – Weights listed in kg for proper dosing and reporting
  • Quick Use Directions: Use as-if operating a standard tape measure. Pull tab-end of tape (clearly stated with blue shaded ‘Start’ section) from the retractable case. If the patient is lying down it does not matter if the measurement is taken from head-to-heel or heel-to-head — the result will be the same. For most accurate weight estimation the measurement should reflect the patients standing height or recumbent length. Read color zone and estimate weight in kgs. The reverse side of the tape will provide cm/in. measurements. *FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES, ALWAYS RECORD PATIENTS WEIGHT IN KG.
Download Datasheet