EMS Standard Pediatric Emergency Tape


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Medications you carry, doses you give, and visual aids you can use! Dose by Growth’s EMS Standard model is designed specifically for paramedics and  completely compatible with the color/weight zones of the Broselow Tape. Listing only EMS specific medications creates room to include those medications regularly used, yet omitted from other tapes. All medications are within the EMT-P scope of practice and consistent with the NASEMSO National Model EMS Clinical Guidelines v.11-14. Dose by Growth’s pediatric tapes are the only commercially available tapes updated to include the 2012-2014 CDC NHANES data sets.

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Product Description

  • Easier to use – Reduced clutter, larger font sizes, and easier to navigate by focusing just on EMT-P medications and equipment.

  • Useful Visual Aids – Ped/Inf Burn Chart, FACES™ Pain Scale, Ped/Inf GCS, APGAR, Infusion Drip Charts, LBS – KG Conversion Chart, Poison Control contact, etc.

  • Improved Accuracy – Incorporates 2014 CDC NHANES data sets, others still using 2007.

  • Completely Compatible – Industry standard weight-color zones allows for seamless integration into your system.

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Features Dose By Growth EMS Standard Broselow TapeTM PediaTape
Industry Standard Weight Color Zones
CDC NHANES Data Set 2014 2007 2011
Printed Sides Two Two One
Visual Aids & Assessment Tools
Vital Sign Parameters
Pre-Calculated Weight-Based Dosages