PALS Standard Pediatric Emergency Tape


New Length-Based Tape featuring Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) medications and dosing recommendations. Dose by Growth’s PALS Pediatric Emergency Tape utilizes weight and color zones consistent with industry standards (i.e. Broselow Tape) so it can be integrated seamlessly into your existing system.  Instill confidence knowing that medication dosages are calculated based on PALS recommendations and updated with the 2015 AHA PALS updates.   Dose by Growth’s pediatric tapes are the only commercially available tapes updated to include the 2012-2014 CDC NHANES data sets. Note: The DBG PALS Tape is not an official product of the American Heart Association and has not been formally reviewed, approved, or endorsed by the AHA.


Product Description

  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) medication and dosage recommendations 
  • Compatible weight-color zones with industry standards (i.e. Broselow Tape)
  • Lists mL volume of administration for commonly used med concentrations
  • Visual aids: Burn charts, Parkland formula, lb to kg conversion table, GCS, APGAR, normal vitals, poison control info
  • Top quality: Tear, water, and chemical resistant, Safe to wash/disinfect with common medical equipment cleaners


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